When creating any product the final (and some would say the most important) stage is the finishing touch. So why miss this out when it comes to a new kitchen? Thanks to the trends we’ve covered already it’s clear to see that basic and simple just won’t do anymore, with individuality and personal preference thriving.

So how can you really make your kitchen yours? Of course it’s really up to you but for a start, using raw materials can offer an understated contemporary design. Glass and metal have recently found their way into kitchen design as a statement of luxury with the widely trending copper look. This look really comes off when blending materials without a compromise. It’s a surprisingly easy way to create a huge difference with little effort but keep in mind the contrast. Basic interior design dictates that some colours go more than others, but as you can see with the picture below copper can blend with most colours and patterns.

Copper Handles on a Silestone Soapstone worktop by Cosentino

The finish of a product is a trend that has remained important to brands and consumers alike. So how it feels is incredibly important. With new innovations comes new textures and finishes, in particular the Silestone Soapstone by Cosentino. The Soapstone has a suede finish which is subtle to the touch.

The Soapstone’s Suede texture can be seen here

Replacing a necessity with a stylised necessity is no easy task. Take lighting for example, you definitely need this in a new kitchen – now do you choose basic LED lights that serve a purpose, or a unique lighting design that brightens up your space in more ways than one? With a brand like Sensio you can’t really make a bad choice. They’re certainly the industry leaders of lighting, with many innovations and products being the first of their kind on the market. Providing under-plinth lighting or shelf lighting to your kitchen can be an easy way of making a difference with your space.

With shelf lighting the units have a new sense of life about them!

So you don’t always have to rely on a flawless design to make finishing touches to your kitchen, they are called finishing touches after all. With a creative perspective and a splash a contrasting lighting or colour you can transform a room into a display. This trend has been around for a long time, people want to be creative and unique, but with a market-focus on this and a built-from-the-ground-up industry revolved around this it’s become a lot easier.

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Patrick @ Absolute Kitchens