As the industry evolves so do the customers. That’s why our next trend is an obvious one but no less important to the kitchen trade. People want a good deal, they don’t want to be sold a product only to have it break or become inferior after a few weeks/months/years. Finance options, guarantees, warranties, bespoke products and customer service is what people now look for when making an investment in their kitchen space, and so far brands have done well to adapt to this demand.

Neff, for example offer up to £500 cashback with certain appliances (available until 31.05.18) which is a promotion you find more and more these days. So what does it mean? It essentially offers a £500 cash refund when you buy a promotion-qualifying product, such as the Slide&Hide oven and other kitchen furniture which is beneficial for everybody involved. An incentive such as this is an excellent way to reward a customer for their purchase and help strengthen bonds between the public and a brand. 

Another brand looking to improve customer relations is Häfele, a multi-range kitchen supplier. They offer a full guarantee against the expected lifetime of its own brand product ranges. So if anything goes wrong in the future, they will replace the item in question for free. A brand’s confidence in their product must be absolute to the point where offering a lifetime guarantee may be seen as a worry as they may be sure it’ll break at some point. This usually isn’t the case as a guarantee such as this only comments on the confidence they have in the durability of their products. Nevertheless, a guarantee like this is a step in the right direction for brand trust.

So a little digging around doesn’t hurt when it comes to reducing the cost of your kitchen. This is, however a necessary practise for a company such as Absolute Kitchens who can do the digging for you to find the best brands at affordable prices. These offers are still applicable to you even if you go through a third party company, and can end up saving you a lot of money.

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