Technology has become integrated into our everyday lives. So much so, that the kitchen is where some of the most expensive tech purchases can go. So what benefit does that bring us? Can automation aid us to create a perfect meal, or is it a health and safety nightmare which we shouldn’t touch with a rolling pin? One thing’s for sure – it’s here to stay.

As 2017 progressed we were introduced to new lines of appliances with built-in technology to improve how we prepare and cook our food. Brands such as Fisher & Pakel brought in new ovens with pyrolytic-cleaning functions that prevent the build up of dirt and grime. True this technology has been around for a couple of years, but never before has it been so accessible to a consumer than now. Pyrolytic cleaning is a process which sees the oven heat up to over 400ºC meaning that all food deposits are turned into ash for you to simply sweep away once the oven is cool. Worried about little hands opening an oven that’s over 400ºC? Don’t worry, when the pyrolytic function is turned on the oven door will lock. The door can then only be opened once the oven has reached a safe temperature.

Fisher & Paykel


While some technological advances provide a service that directly impacts day-to-day kitchen activities, there are many devices which offer a more, stylish function. Take, for example, the Ninka Qanto. The Qanto provides up to three vertically rising trays that appear from inside corner units.

Flick of a switch…

…and the trays rise up from the corner!

One could argue that this is the type of innovative product required for a modern kitchen, and it utilises fresh technology to solve common kitchen problems. Whether the problem is solved by technology or not, it certainly enhances the capabilities and effectiveness of the solution.

There’s much debate on the use of technology in the kitchen, whether it’s a necessity or a platform for one to show-off. An increasingly-demanding consumer base will see the uses of this technology pushed as manufacturers will be challenged in both efficiency and functionality.

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