Personal expression is a huge part of what makes us human, whether it’s the wallpaper on your phone or the music you listen to but the customisation options that are now available mean that your kitchen can speak volumes about who you are. Never before has this been a consideration as the kitchen would just be a ‘doing’ room, a room where meals are cooked and eaten, but as brands diversified it became second nature to allow a personal touch that makes the kitchen unique.

When being asked whether homeowners are changing in the way they approach updating their kitchens, Sales Director of AGA Rangemaster, James Cunningham replied, ‘Longevity seems to be the key driver when approaching a kitchen update, selecting products, particularly appliances, that not only look good but are built to last’. Quality has always been important for a kitchen and according to James it’s more so than ever.

The various colours AQA Rangemaster offers

Like many products available on the market, Rangemaster offers the option for pure individualisation but with the added bonus of being a high-quality appliance. This injection of colour is enough to make any kitchen perfectly unique without seeming over the top or unnecessary.

Another factor that newly lies within the market is product knowledge and the freedom to access it. People are becoming more aware of specifications and ratings that each new product faces rigorous testing to ensure it’s a market leader for the right reasons. This is something Kesseböhmer and their storage solutions do outstandingly well. We learned that they test their products thousands of times before they send it out – which is a staggering amount! Products like this have high durability and therefore keep that longevity that so many people are now looking for with their kitchen. 80% of us would like to make better use of cabinet space according to the Houzz Study, and it’s not surprising that a brand such as Kesseböhmer are doing extremely well from this.

Kesseböhmer’s ‘Clever Storage’ Solutions

With new innovations comes a brief period of uncertainty, whether it’s doubt if the product is useful or stylish, or if it’s a concept that’ll stand the test of time. However many of the designs and intuitive systems that are being developed today have a common influence, to change the way we use our kitchen (for better of course) but also to give the customer the option to make it theirs.

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