Kitchen Planning – Looking Back At The Past Year

As we are now a quarter way through the year 2018, it’s worth looking back through 2017 to note what’s changed in the kitchen industry. In this rapid business it’s hard to choose a certain theme or design without it rapidly becoming outdated, which is an issue considering a kitchen needs to last 10+ years and remain stylish. New innovations, implementation of technology and an obsession with storage means that the kitchen isn’t just a room in a house anymore, it’s a space that centres the home and acts as a sort of congregation for occupants and guests alike.

Throughout these articles we’ll be exploring what trends acted as a firelighter to the explosion of colour, technology and brands we utilise in our kitchens today. A non-surprising 67% of us cook a meal at home every day according to the 2018 Houzz Kitchens Trend Study, so it makes sense to continually improve the flow and ease of which we whip up a small, large or family-sized feast. This is, of course, the main influence behind these innovations and as people become more brand-aware it becomes more apparent for those in the industry to welcome these changes with open arms.

See below for all the new & upcoming articles:

  1. The ‘Comfort Factor’
  2. Technology
  3. The Finishing Touches
  4. The Best Deal
  5. Industry Trends (A Reflection)


Patrick @ Absolute Kitchens