When naming a household appliance that’s essential for day-to-day duties, the oven is usually the top of the list. It’s used without complaint for years and only replaced when it finally gives out, in fact according to the Houzz Kitchen Trends Survey 2018, the oven is not even in the top 3 when it comes to preferred appliance replacements.

So why change something that works so well and for so long?

The last major change to oven cooking/baking was the introduction of the Convection oven, or fan/fan-assisted oven…in 1945. There have been many other updates since then, but none have been as crucial. However, the industry is fast changing and sooner or later ovens, hobs and microwaves will have to conform in an attempt not to fall behind.

We are proud to be partners with Fisher & Paykel, who pride themselves on their industry-leading appliances. The New Zealand-based company have a ‘human-centred’ approach for their products, meaning the design, technology and functions of said products are built to ‘change the everyday into something out of the ordinary’. This is particularly clear in their free standing range cookers.

Fisher & Paykel’s OR120DDWGX2

This range cooker has functionality written all over it! Each oven has a 71L capacity and 6 gas burners (including dual wok burners) making it the ‘big deal’ of a kitchen. Beneath the ovens lie warming drawers to keep your plates toasty for the incoming meal. As standard with more F&P products, this cooker includes catalytic liners (for easy cleaning), 7 oven functions and a 2 year warranty; all of that with an A Energy Rating and getting one is as simple as coming into the showroom!

With advancements in technology, induction hobs have shone through in the industry as the people’s choice. This may be down to the lack of gas setups or even due to the importance of kitchen safety. Many hobs today offer lock features and only activate when a pot/pan is resting on the ceramic surface, especially useful for families with little ones.

Once again, Fisher & Paykel have demonstrated with their products that people come first with their induction hob selection. The model in our showroom (CI905DTB3 SmartZone Induction Hob) is available for anyone to try out and investigate these features themselves.

Fisher & Paykel’s CI905DTB3 SmartZone Induction Hob

With SmartZone technology, the entire circumference of a large pan can be heated by using other cooking zones surrounding it (for example having one whole cooking zones and half of another to cover the rest of a large pan). Food will never have to be bunched up in the middle of the pan again!

Creating a kitchen that will stand the test of time is simple enough with durable materials, modernised features and a fashionable layout; but little do we imagine that our appliances are those in need of regular upgrades. Whether it’s for a safer work space or a desire to ease cooking duties, one can agree that sooner or later those appliances will need replacing.