At Absolute Kitchens we’re fascinated with your kitchen habits and how you use your space. So much so that we always bear in mind a perfect flow when designing your new kitchen and aim to dramatically improve how you move around your work areas.

Many design concepts exist and claim to provide the most efficient flow, but none can argue that the most prominent of these concepts is ‘The Golden Triangle’. Put simply, the triangle represents the three key work areas of the kitchen and by having them aligned in this format will improve kitchen efficiency. So successful is ‘The Golden Triangle’ that if you picture a kitchen from your past or present, old house or new, chances are that the refrigerator, stove and sink are positioned in this way.

However, the kitchen of the 21st Century is changing, more so than any other room in the house, and with developments in smart storage, worktop design and appliance technology all with the aim to get more from our kitchen. Despite this, the basic fundamentals of work flow and the triangle are a key consideration in the kitchen and will always have to fit to your personal specification. Research has shown that we spend on average 12% of our lives in the kitchen – that’s an average of 2.8 hours a day, so why would you spend that time in a space you don’t enjoy?

Absolute Kitchens specialise in working with you to ensure total comfort and efficiency when it comes to having a new kitchen. Whether you’re thinking of an open-plan design or including a showstopping island, it’s necessary to consider the flow of how you prepare, cook and eat your food. When you’re next preparing a meal, map out your flow and see if you can improve on it.